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    Go Learn Cooking! Today!

    After I re-read this old post by Suresh about his cooking woes (enough to scare away anyone starting to dabble in the science of cooking) I was inspired. I had to write about my own experiences. Though my post isn’t going to be half as humorous as his is, my experiences with cooking during the early days of my adulthood are so comically tragic and sometimes horrible that I am hoping they will play themselves out without me trying to be funny. If you have ever felt like that guy in the picture above, read on. When you have read…

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    Being an IT Consultant

    Last weekend a friend had asked me, “What work do you do in office apart from reading emails and attending meetings?” I’d given him a scandalous look and proceeded with explaining my duties in complex industry specific jargon which left him looking baffled. Surely reading email and going to meetings weren’t all I did! But when I tried to think about a day in office these were the only two things that jumped out at me. Incredulous, when I went back to office on Monday, I started to pay close attention to my day: 8:15: I log in. And there!…