Z Zaps!

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     And zap! Just like that four years were over and it was time for us to leave, creating space for others. There was no return now. We had … Read More

Y yaps Yet

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Yet, those four years were magical. Very possibly the best years of my life. It appears to me suddenly that in the previous two posts I have been coming across … Read More

X Examines the X-es

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           In a community that was as tightly knit as ours, it was scandalous to have ex-es around. Raw tensions, fist fights, cat fights, cold wars and … Read More

W walks (the) Walk

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          Those of us who had a boyfriend or a girlfriend walked a lot. Evenings saw couples walking their heels off (literally) along the picturesque roads of … Read More

V vitrifies Vodka

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       It’s true. When Vodka is vitrified it becomes Bhang. Or something like that. Ok I am blabbering. Thinking about the episode back in college always makes me … Read More

U unfolds U-phoria

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          U-phoria indeed. The rush of joy that washes over when it all comes to a sweet conclusion. It was the same feeling when they announced my … Read More

T travels (on) Trains

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Mecheda Station           We travelled home from college and back on trains during weekends. Howrah was ninety minutes away by that mode of transport. Local trains – … Read More

S Savours Spandan

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Shreya Ghosal at Spandan Spandan – the annual cultural fest of our college. Three consecutive days of cultural extravaganza in February. Third years in charge to organize the frenzy. An … Read More

R Relishes the Rains

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           I have always loved rain. And it was even more beautiful back in college. I could spend hours sitting by my window watching the rain fall … Read More

Q Quests the Quilt

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          I had a quilt. My granny had made it. A colourful patch worked one. It was soft warm and very cosy. I always wore it when … Read More