The Crazy Algorithm of Love

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The Crazy Algorithm of Love

Mouni is twenty-five and single. She works for an Indian software company and spends a monotonous life of sleeping, eating and going to office, till she starts working with her client Sam from the US. They have not seen each other, but they cannot deny the pull they feel towards each other. When they finally meet, both of them fall head over heels in love with each other. Yet, both of them are too proud to accept it and believe the other is too good looking for their benefit.

As these two so-called mature, independent and logical human beings embark on a confusing and hilarious journey peppered with many disastrous and impulsive incidents to discover themselves– they grow and mature in each other’s love. But fate has a different plan.

A thoughtful decision goes wrong and Mouni ends up facing a lawsuit for cybercrime.

Standing at a juncture of life where everything looks doomed, Mouni has no self-confidence and fears it is too late for their relationship to work again.

However, Sam has a different agenda. Will the two of them be able to finally get together…?

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