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    Home Sweet Home

    Home in my earliest memory is but a half built structure. Of jutting out bricks resembling a giant’s uneven teeth, of grey paste of sand and cement, mixed expertly with a grub hoe. Of something ugly, yet spoken of with pride. To me then, the rented house we lived in presented a much better case for a place to live. Smooth walls, cool floor and clean. But it was not home.  A year later, indeed those ugly bricks gave way to the most beautiful house. White with blue windows, and pink climbing bougainvillea. It was home. I loved it as…

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    The Perils of Social Media And My Plight

    I have been a blogger for some time now, but you probably don’t know my name. I have written a book, but I am not sure how many of you have read it. Apart from that I work my days in an office, which is full of people who have either gone to an engineering college or a B-school. What I am trying to say is, I am just another person with a not at all unusual hobby and surrounded by people who are generally classified as common, if slightly privileged, middle class. I live my life unremarkably, mind my…

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    Mother Tongue – A Language That My Mother Speaks!

    Image Courtesy: http://canadianimmigrant.ca/ Recently, in Facebook everyone was discussing their favorite books and tagging others to do the same. After the ice bucket challenge, probably, this was the most viral post my Facebook timeline has seen. While it delighted me that most of my FB friends, who posted about their list of top 10 favorite books and even tagged me, were exceptionally well-read (Why, some even quoted Samuel Richardson or James Joyce), it saddened me to no end that none of them could think of any book written in their mother tongue.             Now, most…

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    Shopping, Anyone?

    Shopping – oh, what joy it produces! An orgasmic pleasure almost, I must say. Strolling through rows upon rows of clothes, shoes, jewelry and accessories – can any other compare with the happiness this brings? Retail therapy is very real. It’s the best. Anyone who disagrees is only fooling herself. I am a shopaholic. There I admitted it! I will admit one more thing. Even though I consider myself a veteran of online shopping (trust me, I contribute to almost 10% of Amazon’s total profit, single-handed), it never really comes close to the store hopping in the physical world. It’s…

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    A Rant about PDA

    Lately, there’s been a surge of PDA around me.  Now if PDA still means those weird looking handheld devices suave secretaries in old Hindi movies used to flaunt, to you, then you may consider finding yourself a place in the Rare and Exotic Species section of a museum. These days everyone’s got a personal digital assistant, called smartphone. They are handheld, look sleek and they can speak too! Anyway, before I get carried away and start speaking about how smartphones are the most essential part of one’s existence, let me just take a deep breath and bring my attention back…

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    Interesting on the Internet This Week – 2

    Source: http://www.vintag.es Tread Mills of 1920s. Our ancestors sure had a weird bone! How else did they come up with these? Behind the scenes of famous movies! How many have you watched?    Chai Chai, garam chai? Anyone? Well, I’d be angry too, if they sent me to Adra instead of Agra! Simple Math Quiz – How many levels did you pass?   I am watching The Honorable Woman. An eight-episode miniseries, it is an incredibly complex both mystery and spy thriller. It is filled with sketchy characters imploring others to trust them. In this shadowy world of politicians, military types, spies, and corporates, you…

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    Fruitful Nothings

    Have you ever been in a time when just by letting yourself be adrift, you felt a fulfillment? A time when you were amongst people, yet saw nothing, talked nothing? A book perhaps, a cutting paperback, reading but not really thinking?Saturday was such a time. I did nothing the whole day. I just walked, not seeing, just where my feet would take me. I sat, not thinking, till the cold wind from the lake would shake me. I even rode trains, from this end to that end and back. I sat on the green grass by the museum facing the…

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    Interesting On the Internet This Week

    Let’s Eat Here Sometime! Finally it has happened – No words necessary while talking! Quizto see how you fare in Emo language. I got a 6! Mobile Banking Gets Personal! Want to take a dip? I love these masterminds! 50 shades of unusual vocabulary Well, no excuses for not using the crosswalk. Even they know it. Have you read any of these? Holes. What is your theory? Jeans designed by wild animals! Want one? Love, © copyright 2015 – All rights reserved Riot of Random

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    বিদেশের বৃষ্টি

        কাল সারারাত বৃষ্টি পড়েছে। গাছের পাতাগুলো আজ একটু বেশিই সবুজ। রাস্তাটা একটু বেশিই কালো। একটা ধবধবে সাদা গাড়ি হুস করে চলে গেল। জলে সব ধুলো ধুয়ে একেবারে ঝকঝকে। মেঘ গুলো এখনও জাঁকিয়ে বসে আকাশে – ছাই রঙ টা গাঢ় হয়ে প্রায় কালোর দিকে। বৃষ্টি আবার নামবে ঝেঁপে যেকোনো সময়।     বাড়িতে থাকলে মা খিচুড়ি বানাত এমন দিনে। সোনা মুগের খিচুড়ি আর ইলিশ মাছ ভাজা। কিন্তু বিদেশে সোনা মাসুরি চালের ভাতই ভরসা। গত সপ্তাহে ইন্ডিয়ান স্টোর থেকে রুই মাছ এনেছিলাম। এখন ফ্রিজের বরফে জমে কাঠ। বের করে নিয়ে ভেজে নিলেও হয়। কিন্তু এরকম মন উদাস করা সকালে কি রাঁধতে ভাল…

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    I Didn’t Change My Name After Marriage

    Long back as an upright teenager, I had made a decision to never change my name after I got married. I simply liked it too much. When A and I were getting married, we never discussed about it because we both knew how important my name was to me! I was known to the world by my name! It was my identity. It simply didn’t make sense to change my identity just because I was getting married. However the first of the numerous questions that came my way because of this, was from the marriage registrar who looked positively scandalous…