I moved on!

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Since so many days, we broke up Then why still your sight fills me  With such emptiness It was I who moved on Then why do I still want to … Read More

Blank Pages

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With each passing moment more and more nerves were getting on to Arpita. If this went on any longer then she would be nothing but a clumsy pile of nerves … Read More


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It was a pleasant evening10. Raj lay on the roof of his ancestor’s house staring at the pitch black velvety sky studded with millions of stars. His daddu Vishal Narayan … Read More

A date with myself

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Today is AB’s birthday.  But he is not here. I miss him badly. I miss last year’s celebration. I miss AB’s expression after those midnight surprises. He is such a … Read More

I am a newbie

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I am a software engineer. I studied computer science engineering from an elite institute. I got a nice job even before my finals. And I got a nicer boyfriend AB. … Read More

What was it?

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Not again. Riya sighed. Aghast. For the past fifteen minutes her bus was stuck at the Sholls signal. The red light turned green and then red again but her bus … Read More

A Blog about Blogs!

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“Blogging? What is that?” Was my first reaction when I first heard about it. That was in 2003 may be! I was doing my engineering then! SS laughed at my … Read More