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    Emotions of Motherhood!

    I do not consider myself an overly emotional person. I don’t remember ever crying in a movie. And I remember being once able to examine emotional events, by taking a step back, with a cool level head without losing my calm. I used to be all about self-preservation – pretty efficient at warding off negative emotions. That was before I became a mother. Now, a year into motherhood, I feel as though I am somehow being subjected to a psychological experiment on how-many-emotions-can-a-human-feel-in-a-day. On a typical day, these are some of the emotions I routinely feel these days: boredom, anxiety,…

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    A Year of Mommyhood

    I haven’t written anything for so long that I fear I never will again. Even though I miss my not-writing terribly, I just can’t get myself into the act of actually writing. What a weird malady to suffer from! And who has time for weirdness when your life is so full of exciting surprises and strangeness already? As such, I am in two minds about this post. On one hand, I just can’t ignore the nagging inside my head that I must sit to write down about the biggest year of my life so far, just for my own sake,…

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    Why Getting a Haircut Made me a Rebel!

    So I got a haircut. And heads turned. In the office cafeteria, people looked at me and couldn’t look away. Some jaws dropped open at the staircase while passing by me while others tried to look nonchalant but failed miserably. If you are thinking that this was because I looked fabulous, that my haircut is uniquely beautiful, you can’t be more wrong. I just went from having shoulder length hair to a pixie. No woman who wishes to look beautiful cuts their hair as short as I did. And everyone knows that the length of one’s hair is directly proportional…

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    Go Learn Cooking! Today!

    After I re-read this old post by Suresh about his cooking woes (enough to scare away anyone starting to dabble in the science of cooking) I was inspired. I had to write about my own experiences. Though my post isn’t going to be half as humorous as his is, my experiences with cooking during the early days of my adulthood are so comically tragic and sometimes horrible that I am hoping they will play themselves out without me trying to be funny. If you have ever felt like that guy in the picture above, read on. When you have read…

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    Advice to New Adults – From a Fellow Adult (Who Was a Spoiled Child)!

    I was as rotten as a tomato as a child. No, my parents weren’t super rich, they were as middle class as could be. Still I was the precious first child of two guilt ridden first generation working parents who were overwhelmed by the lack of time they had for me after their jobs. And those judging articles newspapers and magazines were publishing during that time condemning the women pursuing a career outside of homely responsibilities were not helping. Even though I was proud of my parents having important jobs (for as long as I can remember), they seemed to…

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    Favoritism in the Work Place – A Toxic Vice

    While I was writing this article about a day in an IT Consultant’s life, another aspect of work life sprang to life in my mind. Corporate Favoritism. And although it is a real problem, not much is usually spoken about it. It is exactly what it sounds like. Favoritism is favoring one person over another on merits other than professional. If you have been out there for some time, as a part of the office going workforce, chances are that you have been on one end or the other of favoritism. Perhaps you are the one who is always assigned important projects…

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    The Perils of Social Media And My Plight

    I have been a blogger for some time now, but you probably don’t know my name. I have written a book, but I am not sure how many of you have read it. Apart from that I work my days in an office, which is full of people who have either gone to an engineering college or a B-school. What I am trying to say is, I am just another person with a not at all unusual hobby and surrounded by people who are generally classified as common, if slightly privileged, middle class. I live my life unremarkably, mind my…

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    Mother Tongue – A Language That My Mother Speaks!

    Image Courtesy: http://canadianimmigrant.ca/ Recently, in Facebook everyone was discussing their favorite books and tagging others to do the same. After the ice bucket challenge, probably, this was the most viral post my Facebook timeline has seen. While it delighted me that most of my FB friends, who posted about their list of top 10 favorite books and even tagged me, were exceptionally well-read (Why, some even quoted Samuel Richardson or James Joyce), it saddened me to no end that none of them could think of any book written in their mother tongue.             Now, most…

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    Shopping, Anyone?

    Shopping – oh, what joy it produces! An orgasmic pleasure almost, I must say. Strolling through rows upon rows of clothes, shoes, jewelry and accessories – can any other compare with the happiness this brings? Retail therapy is very real. It’s the best. Anyone who disagrees is only fooling herself. I am a shopaholic. There I admitted it! I will admit one more thing. Even though I consider myself a veteran of online shopping (trust me, I contribute to almost 10% of Amazon’s total profit, single-handed), it never really comes close to the store hopping in the physical world. It’s…

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    Interesting On the Internet This Week

    Let’s Eat Here Sometime! Finally it has happened – No words necessary while talking! Quizto see how you fare in Emo language. I got a 6! Mobile Banking Gets Personal! Want to take a dip? I love these masterminds! 50 shades of unusual vocabulary Well, no excuses for not using the crosswalk. Even they know it. Have you read any of these? Holes. What is your theory? Jeans designed by wild animals! Want one? Love, © copyright 2015 – All rights reserved Riot of Random