Being an IT Consultant

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Last weekend a friend had asked me, “What work do you do in office apart from reading emails and attending meetings?” I’d given him a scandalous look and proceeded with … Read More

Home Sweet Home

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Home in my earliest memory is but a half built structure. Of jutting out bricks resembling a giant’s uneven teeth, of grey paste of sand and cement, mixed expertly with … Read More

Fruitful Nothings

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Have you ever been in a time when just by letting yourself be adrift, you felt a fulfillment? A time when you were amongst people, yet saw nothing, talked nothing? … Read More

বিদেশের বৃষ্টি

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    কাল সারারাত বৃষ্টি পড়েছে। গাছের পাতাগুলো আজ একটু বেশিই সবুজ। রাস্তাটা একটু বেশিই কালো। একটা ধবধবে সাদা গাড়ি হুস করে চলে গেল। জলে সব ধুলো ধুয়ে একেবারে ঝকঝকে। মেঘ … Read More

The Language of Love!

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        When I found that Write Tribe is hosting a contest spreading kindness and love I couldn’t resist myself. I absolutely had to share this story of my life. … Read More