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11334156_10204229756455980_5468248155876617411_oI am whimsical in one part, carefree daydreamer and obsessive freak in another part. I suffer from nostalgia and worry about the uncertain.

I work my days in a weather controlled office, pouring over a computer writing in a language it understands. My evenings are about sitting on a couch in a weather controlled home, pouring over a computer, writing in a language people understand. While I am not writing, I engage in all sorts of mischief. I have a varied range of conflicting interests – books, movies, music, travel, architecture, cooking, sleeping, gossiping, being lazy on purpose and perhaps most importantly – observing people and reflecting about life.

I write because it is a great avenue to express my feeling. Writing makes me happy and gives me a high like nothing else. Being an introvert I have always found writing as the best way to communicate. I write about my thoughts, experiences or about any issue that catches my eye. In my head random thoughts are always rioting to come out first. I present them to you as Riot of Random. And oh, my first novel, “The Crazy Algorithm of Love” was published in 2013. Right now, I am in the middle of writing another one.

I love making friends and would love to have you as one.

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