Travelogue: Weekend in Miami

It had started with a fight.  I didn’t want to go because I feared everything at work will fall apart in my absence but A said that I might if I didn’t take a break. I said it was winter but he said we’d go somewhere warmer, to Miami, one of my favorite places. I said, we’d already spent all our travel budget for the year during the summer but he said he’d make this vacation low cost, yet perfect. We’d fought vigorously but he’d won, of course. In the end I was glad that he did.

While checking the  Flight Schedule, we found that we could save money if we took a red eye flight. And so, we took off in a South West Airlines flight from Boston to Miami, leaving the snowing, gloomy, depressed sky behind for the land of sun and warmth and blue sky.

The thing about me is I am always worried about taking a vacation, I tend to give my work too much importance. And it takes me as long as actually boarding a flight or a car to finally let go and get into the mood. This time was no exception. As soon as the flight door closed, a weight lifted off my shoulders, there was nothing I could do now, even if there was a fire at work and my team couldn’t evacuate the building without me.

When we reached Miami, the sky had just turned pink. And I was positively bubbling with energy.

We’d been to the South beach before and wanted to avoid the hustle this time. It turned out to be a very well made decision because we got ourselves a luxurious suit hotel with private beach and pool at the North Beach at a price lower than even a basic motel at the South Beach.


We were early and the check in time wasn’t until much after, but yet our room was ready. It was a beautiful suite with a fantastic ocean view. The beach was wonderfully secluded and the ocean – the greenest of blue. It was a magnificent view and enough to wash off the strain of an overnight flight.


I changed into a floral dress (so what it was Winter, it was Florida after all) after a quick yet relaxing shower and we hit the road to explore the not-so-crowded, mostly residential, part of the bustling city of Miami. Quaint restaurants, beautiful houses with neat gardens and small local businesses lined the streets as opposed to the glamorous hotels, posh eateries and dressed up people. It was refreshing – discovering a new Miami within the Miami as we knew it.

We loaded ourselves up with a very heavy breakfast of eggs, pancakes and hash browns. And coffee of course. Because we were up for a trip now. Our next stop was Key West.


As we drove through the road spreading across the ocean, the bright blue sky turned hazy, humid and hot. So much so that we had to close our windows up and turn the a/c on in full blast. But even the sudden humid heat couldn’t take away the beauty of the place. It was like a picture come alive. A white road running through the middle of the green clear ocean – the feeling of driving on it is a little difficult to describe in words.


A and I are two explorers at heart. We tend to drift from the well beaten paths while on vacations. Often these detours yield nothing. But then sometimes we do find something beautiful. Like this local artist who sat by his car and kept painting pieces after pieces.


After finishing our on-foot exploration of the historical part of the quaint little island town of Key West, we came to the newer, more happening market square where small colorful shops lined the road, selling knicks and knacks. I indulged myself with a colorful sun-catcher.


We stayed by the shore for the famous Sunset celebration and then drove back to Miami. The Afternoon view of the Miami city from our vantage point looked beautiful while we drove back into the city.

MIAMI DOWNTOWNAs much as we may want to stay away from the hustle bustle of the South Beach, we couldn’t stay away from the awesome restaurants there. We opted for a simple dish of Shrimp and Pasta and mojitos by the roadside beside a blazing fire.


Our perfect vacation complemented us with a full moon rising big and round in a now clear sky as we made our way back to the hotel. From the window of our suit as I watched the moon shining on the silvery ocean, I was suddenly inspired. I wanted to bathe in the moon lit water.  We rushed to the ocean, forgetting the fatigue. In our excitement we even forgot the camera. It was romantic, it was fun but it was kind of surreal too.

The next morning when we woke up we had hard time remembering when we came back to the hotel. We were intoxicated as we were from the mojito and the moonlight and the sea and we hadn’t slept better in ages.

Today we had the entire day before us to spend the time in the beach, get some sun and roam some more. During one of our walks we found this street lined with Indian Banyan Trees.

When we got tired walking, we drank these refreshing drinks and lounged on the beach.

The beach now looked so different from how it had looked in the moonlight last night. Seagulls, brave enough to chase small children, flocked the beach. In fact, on the lazy Sunday, they were more in numbers than people on the beach.


I wanted to go into the waters yet again but was feeling too lazy to go in and change into something more appropriate than a floral chiffon dress! But what the heck! The water was too inviting and the hotel still far. So in we went.

We had made ourselves a small picnic of salads to have on the beach but we had to fold that plan because of the aggressive birds. So we returned to our hotel. In the afternoon, we took a short nap in our cozy hotel bed before finally getting up to pack our stuff up.

When we reached the airport, we were shocked and delighted to see that we’d been upgraded to priority seating free of cost. It was Sunday afternoon and it meant a very busy schedule for the Domestic Airlines. But the airlines staff were still courteous all the time (it was a rarity). And that was yet another very pleasant surprise we got. Our vacation could not end on a better note.

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But of course, as A had promised, it was a leisurely dream weekend of recharging and relaxing in a place both of us loved, in contrast to the usual whirlwind trips we took to exotic locations. Because as they say the Universe does conspire to make your wishes come true if you wish sincerely enough! And now I was ready to get back to my work which no doubt had fallen apart in my absence. But did I care? Not really. For a long time to come, in stressful situations, I’d simply switch off and relive the memories of that moonlit night in the ocean.

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