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Yet, those four years were magical. Very possibly the best years of my life. It appears to me suddenly that in the previous two posts I have been coming across as a cynic. Perhaps now that I am sufficiently distanced (7 years a long time) from the life we had in college, I am able to develop a different perspective.

Yet, no matter how I wonder now at our naivety, somehow those feelings of joy, ecstasy and bliss spring up and scream “we were real”. And they were. No matter how silly they seem to me right now, those carefree days were something I am still proud of.

I am content in my current life, yet, parts of me still want to go back to reliving those days. It was not a utopia. Not even close. We had our share of cunning, plotter, backstabber. Yet, there was a simplicity that underlined everything else. No deep down grudge that destroys. We fought but yet our friendships were true. We stood up for each other when required keeping aside our differences.

We were just a bunch of naïve idiots then, yet what I would not give to go back to that life again!


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