X Examines the X-es

           In a community that was as tightly knit as ours, it was scandalous to have ex-es around. Raw tensions, fist fights, cat fights, cold wars and what not.

          Girl#1’s ex is boy#1. Girl#1 dumps boy#1 for boy#2. Now boy#1 is girl#2’s boyfriend. Boy#3 likes girl#1 but girl#1 takes him only as a friend so he is with girl#3. Boy#4 likes girl#2 but is upset because she’s already committed. Girl#3 chose boy#3 over boy#5 even though she likes boy#1. Boy#3 tells girl#1 how much he hates girl#3. Girl#1 tells girl#3 that boy#3 hates her. When confronted boy#3 denies and rebukes girl#1 for telling lies!

          Are you seeing stars? Yes! I know! Many such complicated cases of ex-es. And more serious consequences. Backstabbing, dangerous politics, bitching to smear one’s name.

          While all this happened in college few couples still maintained it steady with commendable commitments toward each other ignoring all those deliberate misinformation that came their way. Yet most of them fell apart after college following bickering infinitely bitterer than those in college.

          It makes me wonder. Was it just the airheaded youth that was responsible for these sets of people to be together? What was it that had kept them together all these years and that fell apart so quickly after college? Is it just that people suddenly found themselves all grown up and completely different persons? What else?


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