U unfolds U-phoria

          U-phoria indeed. The rush of joy that washes over when it all comes to a sweet conclusion. It was the same feeling when they announced my name off the list confirming that I got the job.

I was ecstatic. With such a great headache gone even before the start of the next term, the final year promised to be a lot of fun. But there was more. The beckoning of a new life, altogether my own, as a grown up independent individual was alluring too.

Oh life was going to be so fun now! Own place, own decisions, eat pizza as often as you like, watch TV the whole night, go dancing! Wear those smart suits and work in those swanky offices making important decisions! Hah! It was long before the flying fantasy came zooming from the sky and buried its face in the ground, but during the short period that the euphoria lasted this was how we handled it.

It was intoxicating like being high on Ganja. Oh I got a job. Such a big deal! I own the world now! Those of us who had managed to get the jobs behaved more or less this way. We were insufferable imbeciles.

We stopped studying altogether. We went to the class tests without having read a word and participated in a competition, “who submits the paper first?”

We took pride in defying the teachers and breaking the rules, stayed out late, came and went to classes as we pleased. Basically all we did was promoting anarchy.

Anyway, it was good while it lasted but soon it was all over and it was semester time. Our euphoria gave into blind panic. We couldn’t keep the job if we failed! It was also the time when the exhaustion from all those late nights and rule breaking started taking toll.

          Another important lesson learnt. Fly but keep your feet grounded.

          Well, we passed alright. If engineering taught us anything truly bone deep, it was, to get things just done only at the last minute.

          During the final year, our euphoria was back in full swing and we continued our we-own-the-worldact forgetting all about the suffering just before the semesters. Guess that’s what the youth is about! Or probably somewhere within us we knew that it was going to be last year of such fun with friends and were trying to make the most of it.


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