O Observes the Obnoxious

Boys, I tell you, can get from being cute to repulsive in a very short while. I speak about those obnoxious morons here whose only motto in life seemed to make others miserable.

          In college we had plenty of them. Boys who thought that you spoke with them, make friends with them only because you “liked” them! And when you denied having any such inclination, they looked horrified, dejected for having fallen for false charms to get themselves played with! Exhausting!

          Perhaps because I had a brother at home and all my cousins were boys, I have gotten well with boys always. I have never quite been what they call “girly”. I always went on “boyish” adventures with my brothers. And I hadn’t thought that it should change when I started college. But I was wrong.

          Boys there were so naïve! And perhaps needy too! But venomous at the same time! And the combination made them obnoxious.

          You take an hour and a half train journey home with them and they assume you are “in love” with them! How can you not be? You spoke so freely with them for ninety whole minutes! I mean come on!

You spend a three hour long computer lab with one discussing assignments and projects – you must be “in love” with them! You have an evening phone conversation or exchange few friendly texts – you surely are “in love”!

          They didn’t take much time after that to come with a formal proposal of dating! Weird right? But hard truth!

          But the real drama started after that! They didn’t take well to refusals. All sorts of rumours were spread about you, your “character” and your reputation of being able to falsely “lure” boys to your charms grew!

          Yet, funnily, there was no dearth of such willing boys ready to fall for your “charms”! Seniors and batch mates alike! It made us girls wary of even talking to a guy!

          So yes… boys in my college were obnoxious! But most of that came from their naivety I think! They were living in their own wells lacking better knowledge of the world.

          Yet I made some wonderful friends (who were boys) there. Some of whom I am still in touch with while most of them have drifted away obeying the demand of the time. 

          Wish I could relive those days again! I would take naïve obnoxiousness any day over the shrewd ones I deal with now.


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  • Pradip Biswas

    I think you are or were surrounded by people to whom Person and his/her sex have no compartment, they are mixed together. In our profession involving field work in forest and hill climbing we can not think of it to ponder of the sex of the persons working with us. It happened with one person from different profession seeing whom my heart thumped and before we we started the work I admitted frankly it to her.

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