J Jeers Jealous Jesters

Jealousy destroys. Doesn’t it? While most of the times you destroy yourself by it, if you are vengeful enough you can destroy others too. In our first year we all witnessed how a seemingly simple turn of events can cost lives.

          The start was typical. There was a beautiful girl P and there were a few boys. Two of them particularly adamant. B was her fellow first year – one she was friends with. The other, S, was from the third year.

          S wanted to evaluate the situation. He wanted to know whether B was a friend or boyfriend to P. So one evening after dinner S called B in his room. A few of S’s friends joined S. They too wanted to have a glimpse of B since stories of B’s arrogance and boasts of having political connections were already doing wild rounds in the campus. 

          When S learned that B and P weren’t officially dating, but, B was inclined towards that possibility, he decided to use the advantage of being a senior and tried to scare B off using some strong words. S said that P preferred him over B because he was older, handsomer and more mature. In a dramatic climax to this meeting, S warned B to stay away from P, because he was never going to win her by his arrogance.

          B returned to his hostel, dejected and jealous. He wanted P. And he was willing to do anything to anyone who came in his way. That night while lying on his bed, he devised a perfect plot. Shrewd as he was, he was going to punish S beyond he could imagine.

          Next morning, B went to the College Director the first thing in the morning. He took names of all the third year students including S who were present there and submitted a written complaint accusing them of severe physical torture. He went so far as accusing them of singeing his eyelashes with cigarette lighter while keeping him tied to a chair.

          This was a serious thing! Something the director couldn’t ignore as a normal riffraff among students. An inquiry commission was set up. B’s parents stubbornly stood by their son. S and his friends tried to convince the commission and we signed petitions. But somehow due to political pressures or some other reasons they didn’t win.

          S was banned for life from our college. And others were suspended for a year. A police FIR was made against them. This meant that getting a job was also not an option. B was happy. He got what he wanted.

After this, everyone left B alone. Truth be told, everyone was scared of him. P saw a plethora of opportunities and plenty of power games in him. He was the one who could do anything for her. Soon, within a very short time P started dating B. There was no sense of guilt anywhere. Only the triumph of achieving one’s end by whichever means.

          S and those other students were forgotten and the days wore on, much like before. I, who had always been taught of greater justice at home, learned that the reality was very much different than those ideals and values.


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