I Idolizes Ingenious Engineers

          Ingenious indeed. I believe Engineers are a fantastic thing that has happened to the world. Look around you. Right from the electricity that serves you day and night to the social media you can’t live without are all some Engineer’s gifts to you. I love being an Engineer. I enjoy developing software that people use in their daily lives. It’s good to idolize ones profession, but when there’s too much of it and when others do it much more than necessary, it becomes a nuisance.
Our college was situated within a small industrial town surrounded by villages. Many men and women from those villages often earned their living in and around our college: some worked in the canteen, the gardens, the hospital, some were the cleaning staff and some other were in general maintenance duties. Some had their own businesses of selling stationary or snacks.

          Now, while we didn’t have any delusion about ourselves or what we were going to be, these people seemed to think that to be able to study Engineering was the greatest achievement one could have in their eighteen years of life. They raised their children with the sole purpose of making engineers out of them.

          From the railway station we rode a unique looking vehicle called trekker to college. The drivers who drove those thought that too. Often they called us to the head of the queue even when we were paying the same money as the others.

          No it doesn’t stop here. There was a famous temple some 50 kms from our college. We went there to worship the deity before the semesters! 😛 (Another very important reason was we had never tasted better dal puri anywhere else). And guess what, we got VIP treatments in the temple too. We were given the opportunity to go in front of the crowd of devotees and offer our prayers.

          Now this attention made some feel that they owned the world. They began thinking that they could get away with anything. While all these people were idolizing the profession we were going to be in, they thought that they were being idolized.

          Therefore trouble broke in more often than not in our college. Ingenious engineers surrendered quite often to hotheaded dumbness. Or sometimes suffered brain freeze due to their excessive coolness. During those 4 years of college I have seen numerous such incidents that made me question whether those involved really had a brain. While some other incidents made me marvel at the shrewdness of their minds.

          In my next 2 posts I will talk about 2 such incidents that made no sense to me. Till date I don’t know why they did what they did. But I learnt that losing your mind was altogether too easy. Even for ingenious engineers!


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