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Today I start the April AtoZ challenge 2014. The idea is to post everyday in April except Sundays about topics that start with the letters from the English Alphabet. April 1 is for A, April 2 is for B and so on! If you haven’t already joined, here’s where you can.

A blue building nestled in tall green Eucalyptus trees and surrounded by a clear horse shoe lake. Whenever I think about my college, this is the picture that is most vivid in my memory.
I have been blogging for almost two years now and this is my first year of participating in the AtoZ blogging challenge. I had decided to work on a theme. But after scratching my head to the point of risking plucking most of the hair out I was yet to find a suitable topic on which I could write 26 times! All different yet similar.
And then I knew, what could be better than to write about those wonderful four years where so many stories were made, where my life was shaped to be as it is now? What is more suitable than to tell about the place where I made lifelong friends, met my husband and took the first step towards becoming a professional from a student?
Unbelievable it is, but in last two years of my blogging, I have never written anything about my college, my Alma Mater. Perhaps because, everyone else was so busy writing about the same thing! But I feel I would do injustice to those wonderful memories if I don’t preserve them, if I don’t put them down in words.
So for the next 25 days, I have decided to overdose you with just 25 (there must have been, how many? A million at least?) of the wonderful memories I picked up during my four years in college. 
My college, a residential one, inside the tree shaded campus was everything one could ask for in her college. The KTPP township just outside provided a perfect residential calm setting. A blue horse shoe lake flowed around the entire campus.
Because we lived so closely together, our teachers were more than just professors staying out of students’ reach. We often visited their quarters for casual chit chats and high tea. Our hostel maintenance/cooking staff were aunties and uncles to us and they knew all of us by our names.
Four years later, when we left, we cried, because we were leaving. But they cried too because we were leaving! That’s how it was, less like a college, more like a family!

It really isn’t a wonder then that the nostalgia sucker in me is choosing to revisit the best nostalgic days of my life through this challenge. 


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  • Nabanita

    You must have really loved it there na? I must be the only one who doesn't miss her college…Maybe it's due to the people there… I hated it, I hate it still…So much negativity, caste nonsense and ofcourse you are from northeast jibe for the whole 4 years…the only good thing got out of it is my husband…I don't go to reunions, I don't want to be part of the FB groups…I guess they never accepted me so I have so much pent up bitterness for them….Glad to read about normal college memories 🙂

  • Rajrupa Gupta

    Oh I loved loved it Naba! Those were truly the best days of my life! That campus! Even today when on occasions I take train from Chennai to Howrah, the sight of the mere station tugs at my heart!

  • mytropicalhome

    This is a very interesting theme for the A to Z Challenge! I have a love/like/it-was-ok relationship with my college and then the Uni where I took postgraduate studies. It was all hard work is what I remember but I am grateful that I had the chance to study at the tertiary level. It was an opportunity I valued because I almost lost it – and now I'm off to reminisce…
    Thanks for dropping by my blog. I'm looking forward to reading about your college adventures and memories!
    Warm regards, Mary

  • Nischala

    going down the best days of your life.. What a fun journey and ride, and those 4 years are really good as you are not really a kid, but also not fully an adult right?

  • peddlerofdreams

    Ah! School and college memories….it's funny how sometimes we can't wait to grow up and start working, but then once we do, how much we miss our Alma Matter! It will be fun for you to write down all those memories, and for us to stop by and reminiscence 🙂

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