When do you know you are in Kolkata?

1. When your day starts on a rickety wooden bench in front of a tea shop with an earthen cup full of hot tea in one hand and a newspaper in the other discussing serious national and international issues which have little to no significance in your life
2. When you claim that you can identify and buy better fishes than your neighbour
3. When your favorite breakfast is Luchi, Aloo Dum and Hot Jalebis or Rosogollas and you eat only half the amount of regular meal size if you are eating vegetarian
4. When irrespective of how much you hate it, you secretly pray for a Bandh if the calendar does not have a holiday in near sight
5. When you call your kurta “Punjabi”
6. When you support either Argentina or Brazil football team in the Soccer World Cup
7. When even after half a century of living together you still take part in the ghoti-bangal fight criticizing each others habits and cuisines even though you cant really tell the difference anymore
8. When you find romanticism in sitting on your sandals on the dusty sideways of the bookfair and playing guitars looking worse than the beggar who lives on the street
9. When you spend half of your earning in eating and rest half during the Durga Puja and the yearly vacation somewhere nice
10. When you love Esplanade, Gariahat, Hati Bagan and South City equally

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